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Road Closures

For the safety of the runner there will be a number of roads in and around Atherstone closed off to traffic on race day.
We will be sending out letters to the properties effected by the road closers shortly. A copy of this letter will be available on our download page.

If you have any concerns about the road closures please Contact Us

Position on Map Road Direction From To
1 Long Street after junction with Woolpack Way to the library Heading N/W 09:00 11:30
2 Witherley Road after junction with North Street to junction with Woolpack Way Heading N/W 09:30 10:15
3 Watling Street from A5 to junction with Station Street Both directions 10:15 11:30
4 Coleshill Road from South Street junction to to junction with Outwoods Close Both directions 10:00 10:15
5 Coleshill Road after Bentley Common junction heading N/E to junction with Outwoods Close Both directions 10:00 11:00
6 Twenty One Oaks from Coleshill Road to Bentley Common Both directions 10:00 11:30
7 Merevale Lane from A5 to junction with Bentley Common Heading S/W 10:00 11:00
8 Ratcliffe Street Both directions 09:00 11:30
9 Sheepy Road - junction with Croft Road to Ratcliffe Road Both directions 09:00 12:30
10 Church Street/Market Square / Market Street Both directions 09:00 12:30

Road Closures