Transfer Entry

If you are unable to take part in our event and wish to transfer your entry to another person, download our transfer form (provided below), complete and return to the email address provided on the Transfer Form.  

Unfortunately, we do not get involved in payment details - the is for you and the new entrant to sort.

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to change the t-shirt size for transfers made after 12th July 2020, it may be possible (subject to availability) to change your t-shirt after the last runner has finished.

The deadline for official transfers is 5pm on the 24th August 2020.

Unofficial transferring of race numbers/chips is strictly forbidden under the Race Rules.

Your race number/chip has been issued to you on the basis of the details you provided to us, and must not be transferred to anyone else.

Any person found to have transferred a race number/chip unofficially will be disqualified, removed from the results and the athletes involved may face disciplinary action by UKA.
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